Famous Fanmail #112 Stan Lee

You may not be surprised to learn that most people in the comic business grew up reading comic books. However, you might be interested in knowing what they were reading. Here’s a look at “Famous Fanmail”!

No other writer has written the adventures of the Fantastic Four longer than Stan Lee. After creating the characters, he was the writer for 10 years! His run saw the creation of nearly every major villain the team has faced including Doctor Doom, Annihilus, Diablo, Blastaar, and Galactus! With this in mind, his letter from Fantastic Four #270 (cover date – September 1984), is very high praise. Or, at the very least, extremely hyperbolic – something else he’s well-known for. In this momentous issue, She-Hulk replaced the Thing on the team.

Fantastic Four letters page with Stan Lee
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