Taffeta Interviews J.P Roth

Taffeta Interviews J.P Roth

While at Project Comic Con the ever lovely Taffeta Darling was on the scene doing some interviews… and who did she run into NONE OTHER THAN J.P.Roth herself I know two Aggressive Comix peeps on the same screen PWAAHHH!!! lol totally wasn’t planned BUT definately awesome! Thanks to both Taffeta and J.P. for this interview!


About Rich Cassidy

Rich Cassidy is the CEO and Co-Owner of Aggressive Comix. Aggressive was originally created back in 1997 with his best friend and co-owner Dom Davis (Vice President) between the two of them their levels of geek knowledge is unparalleled. When others were worrying about getting laid Rich was worried about how he would escape the locker he was stuffed into.

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