Comic Creator Profile: James Andre.

Comic Creator Profile: James Andre.

Creator short profile:
– Name:  
James Andre
– Location:
 Melbourne, Australia
– Creative style:   
Writer. Stream of consciousness. Looking at society, with some black comedy and fantasy thrown in.
– Website/s:
– Bragging rights(Featured work/collaborations):  
Publisher/founder of Milk Shadow Books, Writer of XXX Neon Sign, Monster Addict, Allochthonous Pop and others. Creator of the Yuck! Anthology    


Creator continued profile. Let’s get a tiny bit personal:

– What are your goals as a creator?:  To open people’s minds to entertainment outside the glossy, mainstream, canned laughter crap.

– Where there any defining moments in your life that have influenced your creative style?:  Getting a copy of William Burroughs’ book, Junky, when I was about 14 – 15 and realising that books could be dirty, truthful and powerful. Also getting a copy of Peter Porker, Spider-Ham when I was a kid.

– If you could have any power from a Comic character, what would it be/why?:  
Some kind of monstrous mind power like Tetsuo out of Akira.

– Favourite Comic artist of all time/why?:  
At the moment, Geof Darrow. His Shaolin Cowboy work is simple in story, but not detail. Same with all his stuff really. It can be looked at over and over again.

– Favourite Comic writer of all time/why?:
 Peter Bagge of Hate, Apocalypse Nerd etc. Captures allot about modern society, but keeps it funny, not heavy.

– What do you prefer to snack on when creating a masterpiece?:   
Any form of chocolate.

– If you were a soup, what would you be?:  
Potato and broccoli. Healthy, yet full of carbs.

Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked?:  Possibly. Poor bastards.

– What would you consider the biggest insult to yourself?:  
“You didn’t put that comma/apostrophe in the right spot.”

– Likes:
 Browsing second hand bookshops. Light video game play. My girlfriend, Matilde. Music of nearly all forms.

– Dislikes:  
Cigarettes, after giving up.

– Favourite joke:  A penguin walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he’s seen his brother. The bartender asks, what does he look like?

– Any thank you’s/shoutouts?:  Matilde. Luke Pickett ( And all of the artists, editors and designers that I’ve worked with either on the writing or publishing side of things. The Melbourne comic scene. My friends and family. All of these people have helped me get things done outside the day job I never thought possible.



– Thank you to James for his interview – Ness :)

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