Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtle’s Accidentally Revealed?

Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtle’s Accidentally Revealed?

Sooooo according to TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com a Costume company accidentally put out a costume. The costume is that of Michealangeo from the new Ninja Turtle Movie created by Jonathan Liebesman and Michael Bay… I don’t want to go into too much on it as many of you already know Aggressive Comix‘ stance on the production of this film as it is. Soooo here it is…

Ok so if this is Michelangelo and not a photo shopped image. (which the more I look at it the more I am thinking it is… the skin looks like Lizard from Amazing Spider-Man, the mask looks too detailed compared to the rest of the suit, the hoodie part on a onesie jump suit doesn’t add up completely, the nun-chucks has a photoshop cut error in it, and the chain on the nun-chucks also are too squared off) BUT if it is real… I guess Michelangelo will be rocking the ultra surfer look. Since I know everyone is baffled by the image. I decided to take the time to do a count of all the add on’s to you know drive the point home that Mikey is a real surfer, dude.

  1. Overly Obvious Surfer Necklaces (Both a shell and Bead one)
  2. Tribal Tattoo. (where did he get that done? Did he walk into a Tattoo place? Or was it like a prison tat that Donnie gave him?)
  3. Aviator Sunglasses (in case he wants to go into the Danger Zone?)
  4. Wet suit pants (at least that’s what it looks like… why would he need those… isn’t he a turtle?)
  5. A Hoodie Belt

Just… argh… just argh…

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TMNT149.1TMNT028.1 TMNT157.1 TMNT099.1

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