Michael Bay Sets Sights On Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie

Michael Bay Sets Sights On Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie

Wait, what?  Really?  According to “KDramaStars” (which sounds like a site I would never trust), this MIGHT already be in the works.

michaelbayevangelionWe’ll let you know if any other news about this hits.

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  1. Please no…

  2. Stephticles Butterbutt

    He’s going to have more death threats than Anno did after the original series ending… this needs to stop… NOW

  3. Alright, my chief complaint about Transformers is that he turned Bumblebee into a Camaro, when Bumblebee is a beetle. Alright fine, I like the transformers movies. But Look at TMNT, he made them look like fucking LIZARDS! They are fucking TURTLES! He needs to SCHTAP putting his hands on movies, he destroys EVERYTHING he touches. UGH!

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