The 80’s/90’s were a great time for cartoons. So many cherished memories and so much product placement. If you had a cartoon you were not successful/awesome if you didn’t have a cereal, or juice drink dedicated to that same incredible amount of awesome that you are! And for many of you, you already know that we loved Ecto Cooler from Hi-C!. The drink was divine and amazing we found something VERY similar in that of Juicy Juice’s orange tangerine drink.

The big thing for aging young adults is to start micro brews and we already mentioned last wee the news that there was going to be a Count Chocula beerThe newest micro brew from Tired Hands Brewing company is that of Ecto Cooler inspired Beer called Necto Cooler!

In order to achieve the retro-inspired flavor, Tired Hands used grilled nectarines to make the sour wheat beer, and they promoted the release with a painting of mascot Slimer on one of the brewery’s windows. Not surprisingly, the limited brew didn’t last long, completely selling out in a matter of days.

Damn I love this brewery. #tiredhandsbrewery #nectocooler #craftbeer #talkbeer #bottleshare #drinklocal A photo posted by Sean Hamlin (@hamlinbrewery) on

Be sure to drop Tired Hands a line through their website and let them know that this beer needs to come back. It was done as a limited run and we may never see it again!

If you can’t get to Tired Hands Brewing Company in Pennsylvania. then be sure to curb your Ecto Cooler appetite with Secret of the Booze’s spin on the original drink!

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