Harley Quinn was developed and created by Bruce Timm. The same man who was the backbone of Batman the animated series is the same man who created Harley Quinn. What most do not know about this lovely lady is that she was originally a throw away character. Bruce Timm invented her as a gimmick, for one episode, so the Joker would not always be surrounded by goons. Fans loved her so much they requested she return in later episodes and as a result we have the birth of the one we all know and love as Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn’s costume over the years has changed and as a result has been met with backlash. While most do not love the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume something about it always makes me smile. While it might not be my Harley of choice I still really enjoy the costume and feel it works with the cast of characters she is dealing with in the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

Now Peachykiki who is the cosplayer in this shoot I have known for MANY MANY years and is a very good friend of Aggressive Comix. We first met Peachykiki at our very first San Diego Comic Con and became instant best friends. Her most recent costume is that of the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and man is it adorable. Check the full set out below and we hope you enjoy! Photos taken by the talented Moco Monstar.

Peachykiki as Harley Quinn
Peachykiki as Harley Quinn


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