Sometimes, the perfect cosplay presents its self when you’re not expecting it, which is what happened to >this< reporter during 2018’s New York Comic Con (NYCC).

It was my first time at the event, and aside from being COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED with the size of the Javits Center and the length of women’s restroom lines during the con (seriously, two freaking stalls? wtf), the cosplay and guests were top notch.

Jim “Tank” Dorsey as Non, Jared Butler as General Zod, and Faye Murman as Ursa- the #ZodSquad. (If using elsewhere, please credit photographer Mary Anne Butler)

Imagine my absolute joy when I ran into a group of folks dressed as Superman baddies General Zod, Ursa, and Nod freshly escaped from the Phantom Zone. I even put them on my Trailer Park 2.0 panel, where we spoke about upcoming films and dissected their trailers on Friday.

Consisting of Jared Butler as Terrance Stamp-style General Zod, Jim “Tank” Dorsey as Jack O’Halloran-style Non, and Faye Murman as Sarah Douglas-style Ursa, the #ZodSquad were a freaking highlight.

Not only did they get stopped often by Javits Center staff asking “Where’s Superman?”, but while sitting in the food court a line of kneelers presented themselves to the General (which was even better when he wasn’t paying attention).

There was a photo booth involved, there was arm wrestling, and a visit to Times Square (see, TOLD YOU it’d be worth it!) where out of every possible thing that could happen, another photographer came running up to the Squad to present his T-Shirt, which just HAPPENED to be a General Zod graphic tee.¬† Like it was meant to be.

Please enjoy my gallery of the #ZodSquad (all photos by photographer Mary Anne Butler. If used elsewhere, please credit and link back):


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