We have seen some pretty freaking awesome mashups in our time, but this X-Men and Adventure Time mashup is positively Algebraic! Our gang of characters from the Land of Ooo look absolutely uncanny (pun very much intended) as some of our favorite mutants from the X-men Universe.

Since Adventure Time’s inception in 2010, the show has become one of the most well received pieces of original programming that Cartoon Network has ever released. Adventure Time is one of those rare cartoons whose audience literally encompasses all ages. Initially staring off as somewhat of an offbeat/cult series, the show’s following has become absolutely massive! This is of course due to the show’s many layers. At times it can be absolutely silly, but it can also be very inspiring, emotional, and even pretty dark at times. Adventure Time’s  rich cast of characters, deep routed mythology, and emphasis on music continues to make this show a classic that will endure when compared to other cartoons of it’s era.

What can be said about the X-Men? One of Marvel’s flagship properties, the X-Men have been a huge part of our lives for decades now. A team of Mutants trained by Professor Charles Xavier in how to use their powers for the good of all man/mutant kind. While at the same time, they face the prejudice of a fearful public and threats from some of their own kind, who have become misguided in their own ideals. The central themes of X-Men have always been at the forefront of social commentary in regards to issues of race, sexuality, and gender, among many others. In the world we live in today, they have never been more relevant.

Mashing up these two intellectual properties is definitely not a combo we would have seen coming, but when you look at what they are both all about at their core, it kinda makes sense. A special thanks goes out to Katie Goodrich for putting these incredibly beloved universes together in these amazing pieces!

Check out the gallery below in all its glory and be sure to go check out more from Katie here!

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