Artist short profile: 

– Name: Ethan Augustus Slayton.
 Location: Portland, Oregon.
– Artistic style: Uh….Ethan-y…?.
– Website/s:    *
– Bragging rights (Featured work/collaborations): Not a heck of a lot to be honest. Just some small things; I’ve illustrated roughly a dozen or so role-playing game rule books for AEG. Illustrated my Fathers book; “Searching For Thoreau”. Inked a tidbit for B.Clay Moore’s Battle Hymn. That was a 5 page back up in the Image book back in 2000. I wish that book had continued on. So much fun and great characters! – I’ve self published a small one shot called; “A Gryphon’s Tale” and I’m currently working on a number of projects. One of which will be self published or, with any luck, picked up by a publisher. It is called; “Villains” and it is drawn by artist Angel Rams. Angel is such a pleasure to work with and he’s done so much for this book and the look of it. I can’t wait for people to see it!


Artist continued profile.
Let’s get a tiny bit personal:

– What are your goals as an artist?: To tell stories. To bring the nightmares and dreams and humor and imagination of my tiny brain into print for all to point at and giggle at.

– Favourite artist/why?: Oh man. You know? I don’t think I could ever pick just one. I love SO many different artists for different reasons.
Maybe a “Top 5” artists?


 And then there are amazing new artists that have hit the scene like Matteo Scalera who just blow my mind with innovation, story telling and power. They hit me in the face daily with their genius, these artists that crawl forth from the wood work. And I take those lumps proudly as I pine for more of their art!

– What do you think of Comics being made into movies?: They make more folks interested in comics and then those folks, more often than not, go and buy them. It makes a tiny niche market not so tiny. Hopefully we can all eventually profit from this. Including me.

– Has reading a Comic ever changed your life? Which one/why? (If yes):  Devil Dinosaur #1. My Dad got it for me when I was around 7 years old. I drew in it and wanted to make sure that the artist didn’t forget to make sure to put those funny dark marks under ALL the finger joints. Silly Jack Kirby; leaving part of his job for me to complete!

– If someone created a Comic about your life what would they title it?:  Stupid is as Stupid does.

– Where there any defining moments in your life that have influenced your artistic style?:  Getting away from the word; “Style” and just drawing. no one draws like you do. No one.

– If you could have any power from a Comic character, what would it be/why?: I would love to be able to sword fight really well and be a great martial artist…and teleport…and super strength…crap…that’s more than one, isn’t it?

– Favourite Comic artist of all time/why?: See Above; “Favourite Artists”.

– What do you prefer to snack on when creating a masterpiece?: Baked children.

– Where do you ‘draw’ your daily inspiration from?(See what I did there hehe): Life, novels, friends, my wife, my band, my….everything…trees…I like cats. Cats are good. Is that an answer?

– Likes: Raspberry pie.

– Dislikes: “POP” music.

– Favourite joke:  A Pirate walks into a tavern with a steering wheel in his pants. He bellies up to the bar and the barkeep asks; “Why d’ye have that steering wheel in yer pants?” The pirate looks at the barkeep with a gleam in his eye and replies; “EYAR!!! It DRIVES me NUTS!!!!”

– Why do they imply the ‘birds and the bee’s’ get up to something together?: Collusion. They’re all about it.

– If you were to turn gay for any Comic character who would it be and why?: Orko. The hat.

– Can you draw feet or are you your very own Rob Liefeld?: I can barely draw.

– What if the Hokey Pokey REALLY is what it’s all about?: You will then hear about a rash of bank robberies the likes of which the world has never seen before…!!!

– Any thank you’s/shout-outs?:  My Folks. My wife. My cat. My dogs (who are still in Vermont). My family & my friends (which are sometimes inseparable) in Oregon and Vermont and all over. I love you guys. And a special shout out to Vanessa’ann and Aggressive Comix for putting this together and giving the little guys a leg up! Cheers!!

Big thank you to Ethan for the interview.  Very pleasant to converse with and generally a great geeky dude.  /BIGthumbsup from Ness.

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