615389_424367640940534_1107590869_oArtist short profile:
– Name: Krysti Mclellan [Alive but Dead].
– Location: Sydney, Australia.
– Artistic style: A little surreal, but still in touch with reality.
I work mostly with mixed media, particularly ink and acrylic.
– Website/s: https://www.facebook.com/KrystiMclellan


Artist continued profile.

1465080_10151757254875009_1287836523_n– What are your goals as an artist?: I want to pursue a career as an Art Therapist. I find it more rewarding to help others find themselves through the expression of art, than to have others try and understand how I express myself. In the future I want a large creative space for anyone to express himself or herself in any way shape or form. I want give people the opportunity to exhibit their works and tell their own creative stories.

– Favourite artist/why?: Brian. M. Viveros, I’ve always found the symbolism and dark nature of his works resonate into my own. He often features a female depicting a sense of suffering with a strong hit of “I give no fucks attitude”.

– What do you think of Comics being made into movies?: I think for some anything written that can be reproduced visually, is amazing. It’s a true testament to how well a story can come alive both in writing and visually.

.marla jane

– If you could have any power from a Comic character, what would it be/why?: Wonder Woman’s Flying ability. I love how different things look from above. Even standing on a crate changes a whole deal for me. Being 5ft has it disadvantages sometimes. ha

– What do you prefer to snack on when creating a masterpiece?: Captain Morgan’s, with a thick lime wedge.


– Where do you ‘draw’ your daily inspiration from?: Everything comes from daily experiences, good or bad. I am definitely a sponge when it comes to other people’s emotions, so that tends to slip into some pieces also.

– If you were a Superhero, what name would you chose/why?: That’s a hard one. I’ve always had the nickname Pocket Rocket, so maybe I would go with that and have rockets as shoes… kind of like Astro Boy.

1384147_10201999284080895_1335337290_n– Have you ever done something heroic?: I saved a baby bird once, does that count?

– What’s your favourite Movie quote?: I’ve never really had the attention span to sit through many movies and remember lines, but one of my favourite quotes is written by Rainbow Rowell “She never looked nice, she looked like art. And art isn’t meant to look nice, it’s meant to make you feel something”.

– Likes: Anything involved between the 1940-50’s. I’m a sucker for that ‘Pin-Up’ look. I’m extremely fascinated in anything automotive. A car/bike can tell a million things about its owner and that’s what really intrigues me. I also like chilli, chilli is great.

– Dislikes: Cockroaches… I hate those bastards.

– Favourite joke: I don’t have one favourite joke, but I’m a huge fan of Dad Jokes.

– Any thank you’s/shoutouts?: For every person who has treated me badly and to those who have shared kindness with me. You have all inspired me on my creative journey.

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Thank you to Krysti for her interview – Ness 🙂

Links in reference to Krysti’s profile: Brian. M. Viveros – http://brianmviveros.com


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