61597_424440744289365_1222849048_nArtist short profile:
– Name: Kyle Willis.
– Location: Jacksonville, FL (U.S.)
– Artistic style: Nerdcore.
– Website/s:
– Bragging rights(Featured work/collaborations): Published in Spin Magazine, Jacksonville Magazine, NBC Miami, WEMERGE Magazine, Eat Sleep Draw Magazine.


SoA Juice.
Artist continued profile.

– What are your goals as an artist?: I want to look back on my life and be able to say that I tried everything, and made up a few new things along the way. I want to empower others and constantly learn and evolve as an artist.

– What is your proudest Art related memory/moment?: Receiving a letter from the Mayor of Jacksonville thanking me for my contribution to his city.

– Favourite artist/why?: Frank Frazetta. He was the first artist whose work I purchased. It was a Molly Hatchet album, but I was too young to know anything about rock and roll music. I bought it because of his infamous ominous ‘Death Dealer’ character. He was the creative force behind the badass animated classic ‘Fire and Ice’ and he had such a distinctive style. And he’d done it all, illustrated novels, comic books, amazing science fiction paintings. He was a master of his craft and I will forever look up to him.

Michonne  twd– What do you think of Comics being made into movies?: Comics being made into movies is one of those things you wish for as a kid; like jet packs and flying cars. It’s so awesome to live in an age when the technology affords us the ability to bring these characters to life in such an extraordinary way. I say keep ‘em coming.

– If you could have any power from a Comic character, what would it be/why?: Hard to answer this question as the character we would choose changes with our mood or at least our place in life. I suppose at this particular moment in time I’d choose Tony Stark’s intellect. Intellect is sexy in this day and age, and as time goes by intelligence becomes more and more scarce.

– Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?: Science, bitch!

Walter White aka Heisenberg– What do you prefer to snack on when creating a masterpiece?: Coffee.

– Where do you ‘draw’ your daily inspiration from?: Music, my childhood, and the 80’s.

– Favourite joke: Come see me at one of my craft fairs or expos and I’ll tell you a joke in person.

– If you were a Microsoft program, which one would you be?/why: I would totally be minesweeper. I have zero attention span, zero patience, I sometimes burst completely out of the blue and I don’t take up a lot of RAM.

Anchorman's Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell)– Likes: Intelligent senses of humor, loud music, darts, craft beer, action figures, cute girls, tapas.

– Dislikes: When my favorite television shows end, my laptop, the natural need to sleep, selfish people, incurable disease, organized religion.

– Any thank you’s/shoutouts?: I want to thank every artist on this planet for allowing me to walk among you. My parents for not fucking me up too much. Mom for her street smarts, dad for his book smarts. Beth for standing by my side and Charlie for helping me get the ball rolling, and Mikey for all the motivation.


Vintage IIThank you to Kyle for his interview – Ness

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