We’re about five minutes away, hopefully they have a trailer to show. I would love a pilot episode but I’m tempering my expectations.

6:02pm – We got a trailer! And it was fantastic! Used lots of footage from Evil Dead 1 and 2 and the series feels EXACTLY like the movies. Even has the evil POV camera back!

6:08pm – The series will premiere October 31, 2015!

6:11pm – Why a TV show rather than a movie: Ivan and Sam Raimi were working on a feature but it was so big that they wanted to expand it.

6:14pm – The first season tracks Ash trying to put away the evil… he accidentally unleashed.

Note: The panel consists of Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Lucy Lawless, Greg DiGregario and (of course) Bruce Campbell.

6:24pm – The tone of the film is going to be the over the top horror from the first film with the Ash character being more like his Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness which is where the comedy really comes from.

IMG_16596:33pm – They’re bringing up all the Ashs in the crowd! There’s four of them.

6:43pm – Q&A time! There’s some live action stop-motion but not in the same way that it was used in the films. Primarily the effects are physical. There’s a pressurized keg of blood they use in the series. There’s also a blood mortar which is an air mortar filled with blood.

6:48pm – Ted Raimi isn’t in the first season.

6:54pm – Bruce Campbell choked on the blood keg.

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