I really can’t wait for this game to release.  Sure, that may sound like Ubisoft is paying me (no, they’re not) to say that, but the title I haven’t been able to stop playing for the last month is Assassin’s Creed: Blackflag.  If you haven’t, you really should.

I do historical reenactments ranging from the 1500’s of the Florentine Renaissance to the 1800’s of Charles Dickens’ London.  Both of these things include singing and various forms of musical entertainment, and in Blackflag, music is a part of EVERYTHING.  No really, one of the collectable items you (as Edward Kenway) have to run around and snag are passages of “sea shanties” that once collected, form a new song your crew sings while you sail around the world.  That one thing was more interesting to me than the day and a half it took me to finish the most recent Tomb Raider title.  Sorry, sorry, I’m getting off the subject.

Right, onto Syndicate.  This time, our hooded assassins will be running around Victorian London, jumping onto moving horse drawn carriages in the shadow of Big Ben.

Remember the entire thing about a really stupid quote from an Ubisoft designer saying it was “too hard to render a playable female character” for their games?  Well, perhaps learning from the veritable shitstorm that happened afterwards, this next Assassin’s Creed title will indeed feature a playable female.  Her name is Evie Frye, and she is the twin to the male hero of Syndicate, Jacob Frye.

Here is the brand new trailer released just this morning from Ubisoft featuring both characters in the upcoming Victorian London themed game:

Yes, we know there isn’t any real gameplay in that trailer, but that’s why the Gaming Gods created E3, so we can have an hour of demo gameplay:


Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is set to launch on October 23rd, 2015.

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