We love new takes on our favorite superheroes, and thanks to DeviantArt user The Durrrrian, we have more Avengers goodness:
the_avengers___iron_man_by_thedurrrrian-d55tn2d the_avengers___black_widow_by_thedurrrrian-d54t4vy the_avengers___nick_fury_by_thedurrrrian-d551qvz the_avengers___hulk_by_thedurrrrian-d53tnk5 the_avengers___hawkeye_by_thedurrrrian-d54jiwr the_avengers___loki_by_thedurrrrian-d52yvub the_avengers___captain_america_by_thedurrrrian-d53ch2c the_avengers___thor_by_thedurrrrian-d55bw1h

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