Funko Pop Vinyls and Marvel present to you, Captain America: Civil War Pop Vinyl figures! Whose side are you on?

The Marvel cinematic universe is a juggernaut. No, not him! Fox still has the rights to those characters unfortunately. Captain America: Civil War is highly anticipated to say the least and early reviews have certainly been positive. This not only bodes well for Marvel but for us fans as well. Based off of the highly successful Marvel Comics event, Captain America: Civil War will pit the heroes of the cinematic universe on opposite sides of the battlefield for the first time. Their fight stems from the highly debated issue of superhero regulation and of course what to do about the infamous Winter Soldier. The Civil War film will also mark the introductory appearance of everyone’s favorite webslinger, Spider-Man, into the melee.

What better companions could you need in the theatre when you see the film for the first (or 30th) time? These incredibly cute Pop Vinyl figures from Funko are extremely addictive and fun to collect. Each of these figures stand 3 and 3/4 inches tall and feature accurate representations of their costumes from the film. As if they could get any cooler, each Funko Pop Vinyl figure is also a bobble head! That is like a bonus, because as my Granpappy used to say, “Everything is better if it bobbles.” The Pop Vinyl Civil War figure line thus far includes; Captain America, Iron Man, Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Black Widow, Giant Man, Crossbones, and Agent 13. Choose your favorite hero, faction, or better yet collect them all! Hell, get two of them so you can keep one in the box and display one over your bed. This way they can watch you sleep with those eyes…lifeless eyes…like a dolls eyes…Jaws tangent, I’m sorry.

Each figure will run you $9.99 before shipping and handling and can be purchased on Entertainment Earth right here.


Captain AmericaIron Man FunkoBucky FunkoWarMachine FunkoAgent 13 Funko Black Widow FunkoBlack Panther Funko Scarlet Witch FunkoGiant Man Funko
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