4:45pm – We’ll know whether it’s been picked up for season 2 in two weeks.

4:54pm – The show is shot with a subjective point of view. Once the shot rings out, we’re always with a character. Didn’t notice that.

Note: This is an unofficial panel as Netflix doesn’t do SDCC so it’s only J. Michael Straczynski

5:00pm – The show has been well watched internationally as well as domestically.

5:03pm – Q&A time!

5:05pm – The series was structured as a 12 hour film and was designed to be watched in one sitting. The first four episodes make up Act 1 and JMS subtitles as: “what the fuck”, “huh?”, “I think I see where you’re going with this”, and “I think I get it”.

5:13pm – JMS has given us a hint as to how the sensates could deal with Mr. Whispers who is now in Will’s head. He points out that Angelica was using drugs and Mr. Whispers says “so this is how you’ve been hiding from me.” He also points out that one of the Sensates, Kala, is a chemist.

5:42pm – This is the first gathering of Sense8 fans. JMS dubbed this group “The Clusterfuck”.

5:45pm – The final question is “who’s idea was it to have Lito experience mensuration?” (He’s unsure, but it may have been Lana).

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