Here’s a look back at the previous month (April 2012) in online comic sales marketplaces.

Number of listings in eBay’s “comics” section: 1,717,766 (+5.09% from last month; +11.57% from last year)
Number of those that are Cyberspace Comics listings: 8,601 (+1.24%; +22.78%)
Cyberspace Comics “market share” of comic listings on eBay: 0.50071% (-3.66%; +10.06%)

Number of eBay comic listings that are auctions: 94,629 (-47.18%; +12.81%)
Percentage of eBay comic listings up for auction: 5.51% (-49.73%; +1.10%)

Ebay’s latest free listing promotion has inflated the market pool yet again, leading to a 5% increase.

Number of listings on Atomic Avenue: 1,458,478 (-5.44%; +8.74%)
Number of those that are in the Cyberspace Comics Store on Atomic Avenue: 46,182 (-0.55%; +55.89%)
Cyberspace Comics “market share” of comic listings on AtomicAvenue: 3.1665% (+5.17%; +43.36%)
Cyberspace Comics estimated “market share” of AtomicAvenue orders: 6.08% (+16.25%; -9.93%)

AtomicAvenue has addressed the issue of sellers that are permanently on vacation. These abandoned storefronts have been removed from the market pool – which is why the number of listings have dropped by 5%.

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