This is an ‘Aggressive Comix Checklist of Shit’ you need for a GOOD convention experience.  (Our crew hits A LOT of events, so please, use some of our experiences and knowledge to your advantage.)


When you land, the last thing you want to do is figure out which black bag is yours among the sea of other black bags. So I suggest either buying luggage that is like HOLY SHIT in Color or buy something for it that makes it stand out… Like a monkey face!  Or, if you’re a cosplayer, tie a length of spare fabric around the handle.


Carry Case:

A bag to carry with you around the Convention is sometimes AS important if NOT MORE important than ANYTHING ELSE you do. One might say FUCK IT WHO NEEDS A BAG?! To which I commend you because after about 2 minutes at a convention you will instantly realize why that was a dumb move! I personally prefer a Messenger Bag they can be shifted from shoulder to shoulder moved from front to back all the while distributing the weight all over your body as to not fully piss your back off all at once! Below are some selections we have used in the past all pretty good but The Bag of Holding is for that con goer who wants all the things.

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If you are going to take pictures at a convention you better have a good camera otherwise whats the point. My suggestion is a Canon T3i. The thing is incredibly powerful and produces one hell of an image. That what a majority of our images are taken with for our cosplay shoots.

Spare Battery Power:

When the systems fails and you have nothing left in your tank! … Just flip the switch with a Mophie Juice Packs. Garanteed to usually give you back 100% of your Phone’s Battery Power! Available for all iPhones at this point as well as some Galaxy’s as well! Usually Cost around 100 bucks but honestly worth EVERY cent at a convention where you tend to just watch your batter power go to 0 in seconds.

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We all want to eat at all conventions but con food is way over priced! I tend to bring 1 lb of Twizzlers with me why because nothing beats the sugary goodness that is a twizzler but it also helps create friendships when stranded on a line. I have never not pulled out Twizzlers on a line and had people not look at me with this … OMG… I WANT ONE look in there eyes… like a puppy looking at you as you try to eat dinner kind of face… either way bring something that works for you and won’t get fucked up while sitting in your bag all convention and can handle heat… nothing is worse then standing outside for hall h with Chocolate in your bag then you reach in there to pull out an exclusive comic book so you can get it signed and it looks like you are hoarding your own shit in your bag because your chocolate is no longer a solid.  Granola bars and coconut water are your friends, put some in that brand new messenger bag and snack to your heart’s content.  Just not while you’re sitting the front row of a panel, unless you brought enough for EVERYONE sitting at the table.  True story.


EVERY con I go to, people get sick.  Whether it’s from how their own bodies react to traveling, or their inability to understand the need for food, sleep, water, this is something that can indeed be prevented.  You know those little envelopes of Airborne and Emergen-C?  LINE THE BOTTOM OF YOUR BAG WITH THEM AND USE THEM.  Really.  Aside from food, sleep, and water, this is your best chance of not picking up some ick from a door handle.  Also, wash your hands.  A lot.  And if you’re not feeling good one of the mornings at a con, DON’T.  ATTEND.  THE.  EVENT.  The rest of us would rather share in your illness.


Yeah yeah, this is the most overrated thing on this list.  Not EVERYONE needs several hours of sleep to function in a polite and intelligent manner, but think about how much your body will thank you later.  This DOESN’T mean taking naps in panels, that’s ALWAYS a terrible way for the panelists to remember you, I’ve seen it happen.  But make sure you schedule yourself enough sleep.  Not feeling too hot in the morning?  Treat yourself to another hour, it could possibly prevent you from getting Con-Crud.


Many people assume their day to day shoes work best. But truth be told nothing beats a good pair of Walking Shoes/sneakers. Think what ever feels like heaven on your feet is what you want. If you are experiencing even minor pain guess what you will not be able to push through over time. I tend to roll with shoes that are barely holding together anymore but that’s because them bitches are broken in and they are comfy!  If you’re a lady-type, those nifty nonslip waitress shoes occasionally have all kinds of support and insoles already built in, we highly suggest those.


If you’re one of the lucky ones who has their own hotel room in a place like SDCC, take a goddamn shower.  Take two, they’re small.  But for frak’s sake, take some personal pride in how you present yourself.  There is a reason the general scent of “con funk” is known in all social circles, it’s because it’s a thing, and it’s a thing that needs to be killed quickly, with water.  You can even have FUN with a shower at a con, bring a buddy!  Or….not….but use some of this stuff, our photogs and reporters swear by this Shower Shock Caffeinated Body Wash.


And last but DEFINITELY NOT least pack some fucking deodorant! Nothing is worse then walking the convention and getting that phantom smell of B.O. mixed with a shart entering my nose hole! So please clean your assholes and apply some deodorant stick action to your pits… nothing is worse than onion smelling arm pits! … you know who you are… you know who you are!

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