Phoenix Comic Con has been growing more and more through out the years. Lots of new faces and lots of old ones, not to mention catching up with con friends. Thursday, opening day was surprisingly busy for a Thursday, as far as Friday goes, lines wrapped the convention center and well the process to get badges was pretty ridiculous, luckily picked mine up Thursday night. The size of the conventions are not the only thing that has been growing in this industry. Cosplayers seem to be popping up more and more at an alarmingly fast rate

Like always started shooting photos of cosplayers and not to mention directing a Cosplay Video with Eric Breen, which of course, we will share here at Aggressive Comix.

The gallery featured below showcases some of the extremely talented cosplayers from this weekends even. The following images are just of Day 1. Stay tuned as we hope to provide you with even more images of the other conventions we were able to attend this weekend including AwesomeCon, Colossal Con and even potentially Dallas Fan Expo.

Phoenix Comicon 2016, June 2-5, 2016 at the Phoenix Convention Center.


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