We all remember the famous Ben Affleck Daredevil film. I must admit for a long while I was a dim wit with horrible taste that thought that movie was awesome. But in my defense we never really knew what a proper super hero film was.


Looking back I REALLY wish that hit him. But lets fast forward to 2015! Daredevil now stars Charlie Cox (Daredevil) and Fulton Reed (Foggy Nelson)one of the original bash brothers himself. Now keep in mind the following might contain spoilers so its up to you to continue from here!

The show hits the ground running and starts you right in the beginning.  Right at the time of the crash that causes Matt Murdock to lose his vision. As far as where Matt Murdock is in his career its legit the beginning of it all. He is actually looking for a place to set up shop for their law practice.  The first case involves a frame job for a murder. As you learn more about Matt through the series the more you realize that this show is doing it right!

What I love about this show is the realism to some of the fights. There is a scene in the second episode where Matt goes in to save a kid. He has to fight a group of guys.  None of the guys go down on the first punch. Each one KEEPS getting up! The fight had to go on for about 10 minutes and you watch as Matt eventually wins the battle. But in the process you see him get tossed punched beat and worn out. That my favorite part is at one point he is standing on his own and falls backwards into a wall from exhaustion, pops up and starts throwing fists again. But to actually see fatigue is a refreshing point that I like.

Now lets talk about Wilson Fisk… aka the Kingpin


Vincent D’Onofrio kills it! Like he legit plays the part to the letter! I think that is the biggest take away you can get from this entire show. It is so rich with comic book awesome its hard to not call in love with this series. If you get the chance to watch it do! If you don’t have Netflix its real simple go get it. They offer 1 month free so what are you honestly waiting for? I mean seriously?! Plus if not its about eight bucks when all said and done which is less than the cost to go see a movie.

Finally the show wraps and all I can say is why did I shot gun this thing. I should have spread it out as to enjoy it more… I am already in the process of re-watching it and I have to say its holding up just nicely

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