Are you alive? Do you like comics strips? If you have answered yes to these questions, then you’re more than likely know the strip Calvin and Hobbes. For many of you this is your favorite strip and can fully describe a personal favorite strip that, to this day, still speaks to you. For director Joel Allen Schroeder the same can most definitely be said.

UAGKMK4-wxaxHfT1e1t9_ESer_pLy3onJ2a_EjZWma8,ATn12lR68eLURxAPUWYtllPeIplIGhvTbTAkj3g_aXEDear Mr. Watterson is a documentary that covers a lot of ground involving Calvin and Hobbes, but it isn’t told through the eyes of the creator but rather through the eyes of the fans, comic creators, and other people who were involved in the creation of this strip. The film was actually a kickstarter project that has now come to fruition and I must say I am glad it did.

The movie explores several different point of views. It starts with the passion fans have for this strip, then it moves on to explore the uniqueness that is Bill Watterson the creator of the strip, how he fought the industry to try and make it a place where artist were free to explore there own imagination, why he refused to license the characters– which is the reason you don’t have a Calvin and Hobbes stuffed animal on your bed (unless you too found the ones they sell on Etsy) and finally to the appreciation of the characters and the story that we now have as a result of one man’s vision.


Calvin and Hobbes has been out of the funny pages for a decade yet there is still a draw to these two characters to this day. For people who have grown up with the strip its understandable, it was a story about one kid’s vivid and wild imagination. He was a kid who liked to have fun. As adults we still want to hold onto our youth, while as a kid you relate to Calvin.

In the film they mentioned when you ask someone to list there two favorite strips of all time:

“One will always be a strip which either made them laugh or was very personal to them, while the other is always with out a doubt the final strip ever made.”


Dear Mr Watterson comes out in theaters on November 15th. Be sure to find it at your local theater as it has the Aggressive Comix Seal of Approval (which many of you know is not an easy thing to get).

With that in mind… lets go exploring!

Theatrical Trailer:

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