It was announced yesterday that Scott Derrickson would be directing the upcoming Dr. Strange film from Marvel.  Which of COURSE means the internet is running rampant today with casting rumors.  I asked my friends list today who they’d like to see, minus the number one on this list, because that seems to be the name most associated with the part.  These are the answers I was given more than any other names.

1.)  Johnny Depp.  We’ll get this out of the way right now, Oscar winner Johnny Depp.  I’m not a huge fan of his, (my favorite role is often ignored, The Libertine).  But this really is one of those times he would be absolutely perfect for the part.  He’s been rumored to be working on this character/film for what, at least 8 years?  I guess we’ll see.

2.)  Jared Leto.  The other name being thrown around the last two days is Oscar winner Jared Leto.  I honestly am not thrilled with his performances either, but Dallas Byers Club was the media darling last year, pulling in Oscars right and left.  He might be weird enough to don the red cloak.

3.)  Jon Hamm.  Once rumored to be one of the leading choices for the next Batman, John has long been mentioned along with the Master of The Mystic Arts.  He has the stature, and looks damn good with facial hair.

4.)  Hugh Laurie.  Dr. House may not be the obvious choice, but his piercing eyes and commanding presence (along with pretty awesome blues band abilities) put him on the list.

5.)  David Tennant.  For whatever reason, everyone wants him to play another Doctor.  So, why not one with different supernatural abilities?

6.)  Oded Fehr.  This is one that I’m not completely on board with, because I want Oded to play the Prince of Dorne, Doran Martell on Game Of Thrones, and if he’s cast in Dr. Strange, he wouldn’t be the gouty ruler I want to see him as.  But I love him in everything he does, and would love to see him in anything.

7.)  Nester Carbonell.  You’d most likely remember him as Richard from ABC’s Lost, and most currently on Bates Motel.  He has those eyes, those perfect eyes, and the calm collected ability to convince you he ISN’T planning the demise of everyone in the room.  He could probably pull off the high collared cape better than most.

8.)  Allen Lee Hansard.  Allen is one of the founding members of the Superhero Costuming Forum, and organizes massive group cosplay shoots at DragonCon and other large scale conventions.  His Dr. Strange cosplay is fantastic, and would be awesome to see if Marvel wanted to go with a direct-from-the-funny-papers version.

9.)  Holly Conrad.  And for cosplay balance, because it was rumored for awhile that Dr. Doom would be a woman in the upcoming (now on hiatus) Fantastic Four reboot, why not a lady Dr. Strange?  Holly is co owner/operator of Crabcat Industries, and can be seen on SyFy’s Heroes Of Cosplay.

We will of course keep you updated as more rumors/actual casting news are made public.




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