From Surreal Entertainment, we have two new Dragon Ball Z power up, heat change mugs, because lets face it coffee is the closest thing we are gonna get to Senzu beans in this world.

Dragon Ball Z has been one of our favorite shows since the good old days, when Toonami was an everyday block of amazing shows right after school. We were glued to our seats for every saga; from Goku’s long and winding journey down snake way, to the battle of Namek, to Cell seeking ultimate perfection, and Majin Vegeta’s ultimate sacrifice. Dragon Ball Z has always been an inspiring cartoon, in spite of it’s silliness and over the top action. At the core of the show it is about challenging your limits, getting stronger, and never giving up no matter what you are facing. That is a set of ideals that I think we all wish to strive for in our daily lives.

Now every morning we can keep the show’s message in mind, as we start our day with a hot cup coffee out of one of these new Dragon Ball Z power up, heat change mugs. Available in Super Saiyan Goku or Majin Vegeta, these mugs will definitely turn tea time into play time. I dare you not to smile when hot water causes your favorite Z fighter to power up to the next level. Whether you like your coffee Super Saiyan strong or Yamcha weak, these are the mugs for you or the Dragon Ball Z fan in your life. Double sided and made of quality ceramic, these mugs are not dishwasher safe, due to their color changing properties, so be sure to hand wash only.

Vegeta Heat Changing Mug Goku Heat Changing Mug

Each of these mugs are available from Entertainment Earth and will only set you back $16.99 before shipping and handling, so why not make it a set?

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