Kramer_EdwardDragon Con co-founder and sci-fi/fantasy editor Ed Kramer was arrested on Saturday on child molestation charges. These charges date back all the way back to August 2000 where he was charged with molesting 3 teenage boys so if you were about to make a “cosplay girls wearing very little” excuse, please, keep it to yourself.

This has been an ongoing process for Kramer where he’s been held in detention, under house arrest, injured in jail, held at a maximum security facility and, um, found living with a 14 year old in a motel room back in September 2011.

Some people have taken to Facebook and Twitter that they’ll be boycotting Dragon Con over this without realizing that he has basically nothing to do with the planning since the charges. The thing is, he still owns 34% of Dragon Con so he does probably see some of the profit– I hate politics and if you want a real reason to boycott it, there you go.

Yeah, the man seems to be trying to challenge Alan Moore for creepiest beard. But no one defeats Alan Moore for creepiest beard.

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