Star Wars is a product that has been loved by generations since its release back in 1977 with Star Wars: A New Hope. It created characters that people know, love, support, and dress up as at every comic convention since the dawn of time. I mean think about it at every convention there are characters that pop up because they are new and cool and what is in at the time. But Star Wars will always be in.

In this video we get to see two best friends battle over how to make the perfect Star Wars film. I have truly not laughed this hard watching a YouTube comedy in a long time. Most videos we see these days that flood the internet are stupid short disposable BuzzFeed videos that show us something with cats or puppies and then make their way to the internet dump to never really be seen or viewed again.

Fan Wars: A Star Wars Fan Film is a Box of Scraps Production and we have the honor of being the first to release this video on their behalf.  The film stars Dominic Davis, Richard Cassidy, Tom Higgs, Spencer Huff, Alison Walker, Alexandria Jasmine Pereze Moran, Josh Critelli, Sarah McClung, Trey Walker, Kayla Howlett, Crystal Goettler, Kyla Jones, Rika Keener, Cathy McCrohan, Anna Phelps, Laura Beihl, Jaymi Lynne, JJ Priano, Cody Kraski, and Greg McConnel.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy Fan Wars: A Star Wars Fan Film


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  • BIO >> Rich Cassidy is the CEO and Co-Owner of Aggressive Comix. Aggressive was originally created back in 1997 with his best friend and co-owner Dom Davis (Vice President) between the two of them their levels of geek knowledge is unparalleled. When others were worrying about getting laid Rich was worried about how he would escape the locker he was stuffed into.
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