The Oscar winner Brie Larson has been photographed in her Captain Marvel costume for the first time. Filming has begun on the project in Atlanta Georgia. Captain Marvel, currently scheduled for a March 6, 2019 release date, will star Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. The images were leaked by Page Six’s twitter account. Marvel/Disney requested we not upload the images for the official images are coming within the week. If you want a sneak before then go to their site to see. The costume has taken on a unique color to say the least. A drastic change from the familiar suit we have all grown to know and love.

For those who do not know: Captain Marvel was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan, Major Carol Danvers first appeared as a member of the United States Air Force in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March 1968) and debuted as the first incarnation of Ms. Marvel in Ms. Marvel #1 (January 1977) after a fusion of alien Kree and human genes gives her superhuman powers, which occurred in Captain Marvel#18 (November 1969). Debuting in the Silver Age of comics, the character was featured in a self-titled series in the late 1970s before becoming associated with superhero teams the Avengers and the X-Men. The character has also been known as BinaryWarbird and Captain Marvel at various points in her history, and has been featured in other Marvel licensed products including video games, animated television series, and merchandise such as trading cards. – Wikipedia


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