We have another set of incredibly cute and addictively collectible Pop! Vinyl figures on the way from the folks at Funko. This time they will be featuring the characters from Jim Henson and Frank Oz’s classic film, The Dark Crystal!

Released in 1982, The Dark Crystal is set on the planet Thra. Thra was home to a giant mystical crystal, and 1000 years before the film takes place that crystal fractured. The fracture resulted in the genesis of two new races of creatures to roam the planet; they were the evil, crystal abusing Skeksis, and the peaceful wizards known as the Mystics. The films centers around Jen, a boy who was raised by Mystics and is believed to be the last of the Gelflings. Jen is tasked with embarking on a quest to heal the crystal by finding it’s missing shard. If he is unable to do this before the three suns of Thra align, the Skeksis will rule the planet for all time.

The Dark Crystal was indeed a departure for the core Muppets team. As it’s name suggests it was very dark indeed; so much so that parents were hesitant to take their children to the theaters to see it. This, coupled with the fact that the film opened up against a little known movie by the name of E.T., meant that The Dark Crystal was essentially swept under the carpet a bit. The film garnered a very loyal and passionate cult after it’s home video release in the years that followed.

The addition of Dark Crystal characters to the already impressive stable of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, has us incredibly excited! It is getting to the point where we all need bigger houses (and maybe a divorce or two) to continue this hobby. The Dark Crystal: Pop! Vinyl wave consists of five figures (six if you count Fizzig) and includes; Jen, Kira with Fizzig, Augrah, Ursol the Chanter, and the Skeksis Chamberlain. Each figure (excluding little Fizzig) measures in at 3 and 3/4 inches and is packaged in Pop! Vinyl’s signature window display box. These figures are available now for preorder at Entertainment Earth.com. You can click each of the photo’s below and you will be redirected to a page to order the character of your choosing. However, these figures will only run you $9.99 apiece before shipping and handling; so you might as well collect the whole set!

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