War Drum Studios has announced that Auralux: Constellations the long awaited sequel to it’s best selling mobile game, Auralux, is now available for free on ioS and Android devices. Players will be able to unlock each new constellation for $1-2 each or purchase all twelve for a total of $10 in a bundle. Each of the purchasable constellations includes eleven levels and two additional multiplayer levels.

Auralux: Constellations looks to be a pure strategy game with a deceptively simple concept. The game has none of the familiar gaming elements such as tech trees and specialized units, instead victory over the galaxy is achieved by conquering constellation after constellation in an interstellar war.

One of the unique elements of this mobile gaming franchise is it’s slow, graceful feel, minimalist graphics and relaxing game-play due to the rhythmic ambient background music. It doesn’t hurt that the game itself has very easy to learn mechanics!

Constellations new features include a dozen new twists to gameplay from the first Auralux title, 150 completely unique levels to play through, and new modes and maps that will include black holes, supernovas and wormholes. In addition, there is now an option for online multiplayer for up to four players to wage planetary war against each other. The new title also includes Handoff support on iPad, iPhone and Mac and is playable on the big screen with tvOS and Android TV functionality.



Thomas Williamson, Chief Executive Officer of War Drum Studios stated that “A sequel to Auralux was the obvious next step for us, and we are excited to launch a new mobile strategy game that also offers a console-like gaming experience, we are sure players are going to love the hours of gameplay, multiplayer functionality, graphics, new modes, and music.”





War Drum Studios, which is based in Gainesville, Florida, will be familiar to gamers everywhere for creating multiple titles in the Grand Theft Auto series and the original Max Payne before creating the mobile gaming critical and commercial success, Auralux. Developing on its proprietary WarEngine, a next generation game engine for both console and mobile platforms, the team is currently in development of numerous titles including Auralux: Constellations. The War Drum Studios team will be at PAX West in Seattle, WA next weekend (September 2-5) showing off the game.


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