Super-Smash-Bros-3DS-Toon-Link-4I purchased the new Super Smash Brothers for 3DS on launch day. I have been waiting for this game to come out for a year so that I could play it and give it a review.

The very first thing I notice about the 3DS version is that it’s immediately set up different than Smash Brother’s in the past.  In “Super Smash Brothers”, you are able to play multiple different games.   Smash Mode, which allows you go run around a huge world collecting power ups fighting against villains of multiple series.  You have a timer and you continue to move in a staged area destroying bad guys, collecting power ups.  Once the timer has concluded, you then battle 3 other people who have been doing the same thing, collecting power ups.  Before you go into battle, you are able to gauge how much you have “powered” up your character and compare it to your rivals you are about to fight.   This Mode seems to be the bread and butter of the game to do a quick game and continue playing Smash.  Other options are available as well.

Online Mode allows you many options for game play.  You can either play with friends or with anyone.  And with that option, you have the ability to play for Fun or for Glory.  With the Glory mode, you are able to see how you rank against the word.  Being that it was announced today that there is over 2,500,000 people playing the game right now, this will show how you rank up against the best in the world.  The best part is either game play mode you pick; you will enjoy the many options they have given you for default characters.  So Far, I have unlocked 30 trophies which have also made their return to the system.  The Trophy system is one of the coolest features of Smash Brothers, allow you to display to everyone how much of the game you have mastered.


The game also has brought back min games, tons of those for you to play again as before. Another great feature is to create your own fighter using your Mii.  I was able to create a sword carrying ninja who had similar fighting skills to Link but dressed up like almost like Iron Man..The ability to customize this character really shows how much they put into the game allowing you to feel like a part of Super Smash Brothers.  With 35 characters (Not including your custom Mii) to start the game with, it has been a lot of fun playing the game and trying to unlock features and other characters that I know are in the game.

22_thumb1With So many single and group features, this game is packed full of amazing content that is worth playing over and over again.  I honestly give it at 9 out of 10.  With continued game play, the music, the choice of characters, the mini games and online modes with the ability to play games with your friends at your house or far away using Nintendo’s Friend code, this game is very solid choice for purchase.  They even included new characters and games modes for you to go crazy over.

The one thing I do not like is that you are stuck using the control stick instead of the analog controls.  This at times can be difficult moving your character to run in Smash Mode as you are running the whole time in that mode avoiding being attacked and collecting power ups.  I also myself adjusted the controls as I did not like the default settings nor having a specific button to “jump” when I could just hit up twice.

My review is pretty close with a lot of other company’s currently reviewing the game.  My suggestion is if you got a 3DS, go buy this game, and you don’t have a 3DS, go get the bundle pack option with this game that is out now in stores as I display it below, it’s worth it to watch your favorites battle it out for our entertainment.


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