George Carlin has always been a voice of the times and the state of the world. Covering politics to social climate George always had his finger on the pulse of all things current and relevant.

On June 22, 2008 George Carlin had passed away due to heart failure. Now I know what everyone is thinking right here… but Rich, if George died in 2008 how is he back with an hour long comedy special. Well with the power of ai.

I’m sure knowing our audience, some of you watch or listen to the Dudesy podcast. For the rest of you, you are likely going… what the F is the dudesy podcast… well… I’ll explain. Two years ago Will Sasso (MadTv) and his best friend Chad Kultgen started a podcast that was edited, produced and co-hosted by an ai named Dudesy who the boys respectfully have nicknamed D. On the most recent episode of the show Dudesy blindsided the two host by announcing he has recently watched every George Carlin special ever and had developed an hour long special for George Carlin.

The Special is nuts covering politics, transgender, ai, comedians, and just the state of the world as it is today. Dudesy starts the special by explaining it is not George but an impersonation of the Legendary Comedian. And for what it’s worth, it really sounds, feels and seems like George is alive for if only but an hour, in the “George Carlin” special. “I’m Glad I’m Dead”

Also keep in mind no one from the Carlin estate was contacted or asked for permission for this special to be created. And the Dudesy ai also explicitly states in the start of the “hour long special” that this is an impersonation of George Carlin and not George Carlin.


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