From Just Funky, we have a piece that is sure to make your next party the penthouse of Spook Central. Take a look at this Ghostbusters Light-Up Beer Pong Table!

Ghostbusters remains an endlessly watchable and quotable staple in the world of movies. Four professional paranormal eliminators answer the call to save the world from destruction, at the hands of a terrible ancient evil. What is not to love?

The film spawned a sequel, two animated series, and a plethora of merchandise including; toys, video games, and the deliciously refreshing Ecto Cooler! Now at the dawn of the first film in a new Ghostbusters franchise, fans of the original movies are praying that this new team is not the new form that has been chosen for the destructor and the memory of our beloved Ghostbuster’s won’t be tarnished. However, anything that drums up interest in Ghostbusters is a good thing right? Even if this film is sure to be a “nasty lil spud”, there is always alcohol!

That brings us back to our toy of the day. This Ghostbusters Light-Up Beer Pong table is epic! With this bad boy in your home, you’re who they’re gonna call when they want to have a badass party, even if you do collect spores, mold, and fungus. Just think of the innovative idea you can apply to your at home beer pong gameplay! Make up tons of new rules and variations like the “Don’t cross the streams rule”, “the slime cup”, “Two in the cup, ready to go”, “The Keymaster rule”, and everyone’s favorite the “If someone asks if you’re a god, you drink rule”. The possibilities are endless! The table measures at 6 1/2 by 2 and is fitted with LED lights to keep the party going into all hours of the night. On each side of the table the silhouettes of the four original Ghostbusters can be seen blasting their proton streams at the one and only Staypuft Marshmallow Man, with a rather frightened looking Slimer flying away from the action. At the bottom center of each side reads the Ghostbusters name, as well the iconic no ghosts logo.

The table is priced at $189.99 and shipping on this item is free! Click the link here to order from Entertainment Earth!



And if you are going to be using this table may we suggest having the perfect drink to accompany it in either Ecto Cooler or Stay Puft! From Secret of the Booze!

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