Aggressors, we all love Ghostbusters right? Sure, it’s a spectacular movie and television franchise with theme music so iconic that you cannot help to sing along. It’s probably one of the most shouted bits of lyric ever written because I know for sure that if I shout “who ya gonna call?” in a crowded room, at least one person will definitely answer with “Ghostbusters!”

This pop culture bonding moment is entirely due to the genius of the original theme creator, Ray Parker Jr. He wrote a fantastic song that defined a movie, and several generations after it. Unfortunately the theme song for the new Ghostbusters movie is as far removed from the beloved original as it possibly could be.

I hate to say it, but the new theme for the upcoming Ghostbusters remake is so bad. Written by the pop-punk group Fall Out Boy and featuring rapping from Missy Elliott, the new theme reads more like a love letter to early aughts sound than a respectful remake of an iconic song.

Here’s the thing, back in the day I actually enjoyed Fall Out Boy. Yes, they are definitely pop-punk and my heart will forever lie with classic 1970’s punk, but there is a time and place to sing “Sugar, We’re Going Down” and that place is alone in your car at the top of your lungs. But this song? This song, made me regret some life choices. The sound mixing is so tortured that I honestly believe that band leader, Patrick Stump, might have hated his sound engineer.

For the life of me I cannot understand why anyone thought this was a great song to represent this beloved franchise coming back to life, it sounds more like a funeral dirge for Fall Out Boy’s popularity and a throwback to ‘when they used to be so good, remember??’

And Missy Elliott, why? Why would you choose this project? Why would you choose to rap on a song, that DOES NOT NEED A RAP BREAK? I thought you were better than this Missy Elliott. I truly did.

And Aggressors? Much like the song says ‘I’m not afraid,’ I am actually VERY AFRAID. I can only hope that Ghostbusters, arriving in theaters on July 15th 2016 has little to do with this song.


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3 thoughts on ““Ghostbusters” Reboot Theme Song

  1. Call me tone deaf. Call me a freak. Call me what you want, but I honestly liked this song. Yes I do think it’s blasphemy compared to the original, but this whole movie is blasphemy to the original so its a fitting song for a fitting movie. Point is, it was OK.

    1. The song is not Blasphemy, that being said, I find it a bit ‘lacking.’ And, as Dan Aykroyd has said in the past this movie is actually GB3 – why the studio decided to give it the originals name, I’m not sure I will ever fathom but I don’t think that was a smart decision either. Expectations for this movie are high, very HIGH. So yes, I am worried, very worried.