Seeing a new film with a fresh audience is usually either a really terrible experience, or a really awesome one.  I was lucky enough to attend a screening of Green Room at the SF Alamo, where texting and talking are STRICTLY forbidden. This helped the overall feel of writer/director Jeremy Saulnier’s film.


Sometimes touring can be hard, especially when you’re playing the punk scene without any type of online presence.  That’s exactly what The Ain’t Rights discover during their crappy-van trip while performing at a cement neo-Nazi club in the middle of the forest. Have your attention yet?


Sir Patrick Stewart takes on the role of Darcy, the owner/operator of this skinhead club, which by itself was a disturbing thing to see.  Captain Picard as a club owner?  Ok.  Captain Picard as a ruthless racist murderer?  HOLY CRAP.  If you can’t deal with the worst of paper cuts, don’t see this film, as there is a box cutter vs wrist scene that can make even the strongest of horror fans cringe (as did my viewing companion who hid in my hair).  If you’re concerned at all about the amount of possible Third Reich visuals, never fear, they are almost non existent other than one flag shown in passing, and the club manager’s Iron Eagle chest tattoo.


There are blood thirsty German shepherds trained to kill, Red Lace killers, guns, duct tape, and a pretty good soundtrack.  Most of the other reviews I’m seeing are saying they were hoping for more, and I guess I can concur with that, as the main climax (there are probably three build ups with semi-climaxes) seemed rushed and without a real PUNCH.  I thoroughly enjoyed Anton Yelchin’s performance, as well as Imogen Poots who really steals the show as Amber.


A solid 7/10, would most definately see it again in the theater, if only to watch grown men writhe in their seats and cry out in disgust.

Green Room is currently playing in select theaters, check local cinemas for showtimes.

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