Hasbro, featuring NERF, has a new set of blasters inspired by Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and for us, it’s still “NERF or nothing!”


It is a pretty safe bet to say that The Force Awakens satiated just about everyones appetite for a new Star Wars film. It carefully treaded the lines of nostalgia and fan service, while also giving us some truly likable new characters to add to the universe’s growing pantheon of icons. There is much to look forward to as we officially kickstart the new trilogy of this epic franchise.

Star Wars and totally awesome merchandise go hand and hand together and truth be told, we could have picked any one item to focus on today. In the end, we decided to pick one that really made us smile. The NERF line, like wine, cheese, and Harrison Ford, just seems to be getting better with age. They are constantly innovating and changing the landscape of plastic weaponry, in the cruel world of foam based warfare(If that is a thing). The latest edition of Star Wars themed NERF Blasters is no exception. We got our hands on one not too long ago and we had an absolute ball with it (too much fun if we are being honest). These blasters really do pack some power, so be careful where you point it. Hasbro is not liable if you end up blind or sterile, the warning is on the box folks! This particular set includes Rey’s Jakku blaster, Han Solo’s iconic class II blaster and several darts, featuring the Rebel Alliance crest and Star Wars logo. Get a set for your home, dorm, or office and you can show the Greedo in your life who shoots first!

Pricing on this particular set of two is $44.99 before shipping and handling and it is available right now for preorder at Entertainment Earth.


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