When it was announced that Hans Zimmer was going to be composing the score for Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming “Dune” reboot for Legendary and Warner Bros. Pictures, we were absolutely ecstatic.

The more we hear about the production, the behind-the-scenes passion of each person involved with the Frank Herbert source material, the more excited we get.

In the first installment of “The Fourth Wall” interview series from The Playlist, interviewer (and author) Griffin Schiller chats with Zimmer about several different things, but the tidbit about the upcoming saga of Arakkis is of course what caught our attention. (Okay, okay- and the bit at the end about “Inception”)…..

Schiller asks Zimmer if he “needed a little bit of a break”, going into “Dune” and “Wonder Woman 1984” after so many other big profile projects (“The Lion King,” “Dark Phoenix” among other things).

Zimmer: Absolutely. And Dune is one of my favorite books from my teenage years. And I love Denis Villeneuve…and Joe Walker, his editor- we have “12 Years a Slave” together, we did “Widows”- we started working together for the BBC in 1988, so. It kind of feels like family.

And you know, I never saw the original “Dune” movie, so I’m coming at this in rather a fresh way, just from the book.”

Schiller: “So, in a way, you’ve really been toying with the sound of this movie your entire life.”

Zimmer: “You might really be on to something there. It’s sort of…I HAVE to do it, and Chris [Nolan] understands, he’s gonna be just fine. “

You can listen to the entire interview here.

<iframe src="https://anchor.fm/theplaylist/embed/episodes/The-Fourth-Wall-1-Hans-Zimmer-talks-The-Lion-King-2019--Denis-Villeneuves-Dune-remake-e4kkrv/a-ait76u" height="102px" width="400px" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
Hans Zimmer, photographed by BRINSON + BANKS for GQ

If you want to know everything we know about the production [so far], you can read it here.

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