(EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve had a lot of Christmasy posts lately, and I wanted to make sure our readers know we have Aggressors who celebrate different holidays TOO!  So our dear friend Gwen whipped up this awesome list just for us!)

by Gwen

Ladies and gentlemen, nerds of all ages and religions! The time of Chanukah is upon us! As we head into the 4th night out of 8, we’d like to make your Festival of Lights just a little more special via the magic that is the internet.  The story of Hanukkah can be found in all its historically accurate glory here.

There are many common misconceptions about Hanuka, possibly more than can be stated here, but to assist your celebration here is a helpful list:

1. You can spell Hanukkah absolutely any way you like, it is a Hebrew word and it can only be spelled correctly in the original Hebrew. There is no wrong way! Spell it with 3 Ks! Spell it with an X or Q! It’s up to you!

2. Channukka is a minor Jewish holiday, a Festival of Lights in the dead of winter. We light candles and gather together to fend off the dark days and cold nights.

3. Everything must be fried in oil. Eat donuts, eat Latkes (fried potato pancakes), Eat chicken. Anything fried in oil can be considered a festive and appropriate meal!

4. Gambling is a part of this holiday! Get yourself a dreidel and have fun destroying your friends and family over foil-wrapped chocolate coins.

5. Finally, feel free to customize your Chanuqa experience with your favorite fandom!

Enjoy this lovely gallery of geeky-nerdy Hanukkah accoutrement:



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