Jason Momoa is using his celebrity status for good, much to the chagrin of studio execs hoping to begin work on “Aquaman 2” at some point in the near future.

The “Game of Thrones” alum has been using his influence to bring attention to several topics of environmental concern for some time- such as his viral beard shaving earlier this year while on the set of Warner Bros. Pictures “Dune” to put recyclable aluminum water containers front and center, rather than harsh plastics.

Just today, Momoa posted a rather interesting thing to his Instagram, saying he’ll not be working on “Aquaman 2” anytime soon as he’d been “run over by a bulldozer” while protecting sacred lands in Hawai’i.

He’s been on the islands a lot recently, using his sizable reach to bring attention to the cause of protecting the Mauna Kea site from encroaching building.

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This badass just posted for us protectors. #repost @leonardodicaprio #RG @ashlukadraws: WE ARE MAUNA KEA. Standing in solidarity with protesters on Mauna Kea, protecting the Sacred ‘āina from scientific imperialism. It breaks my heart to see indigenous people and land continue to be dismissed by the state of Hawaii and its wealthy developers. Words from @kanielaing: “You don’t have to be Hawaiian to understand the dangerous precedent this sets. Mauna Kea impacts all of us. It’s an environmental struggle against wealthy developers who seek free reign. It’s a microcosm of what’s happening across Hawaii and the world: profiteers exploiting fragile places without regard for the future. We’re not concerned about how many passive dollars this will bring our economy. We are concerned about whether we will be able to breathe in 20 years, or be out of fresh water, or have any space left in our sacred places, or if the beaches we grew up in still be there. Some things are more important than a quick buck—like our planet’s and peoples’ survival. That would be $1.3 billion well spent. #maunakea #wearemaunakea #kukiaimauna” To support, visit kahea.org / donate to Hawaii Community Bail Fund (link in highlights) ❤️ ———————- This image was drawn using stills from my friends at @standingabovetheclouds, a beautiful, powerful portrayal of the mothers and sisters at the forefront of the fight to protect sacred land on the Big Island.

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Repost @hawanemusic See u on the mauna. I love u ▲ K I A ‘ I ▲ ⠀ ⠀ “That trauma from having a sacred sight built upon is real, and what we are trying to do is to protect the next seven generations from feeling that” – Hāwane Rios⠀ ⠀ We are strong and fierce in our love for our land and people.⠀ ⠀ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE⠀ ⠀ Press Statement from Pu'uhonua o Pu'uhuluhulu*⠀ ⠀ Puʻuhuluhulu, July 30, 2019. ⠀ ⠀ Today we celebrate a victory that reaffirms our resolve. Governor Ige has admitted that he underestimated our strength, unity, and broad public support. Our numbers continue to grow and his ability to oppose his own people is becoming less and less justifiable. Ige’s rescinding of the emergency proclamation illustrates how he can no longer claim that we are threatening public safety. We are the public. ⠀ ⠀ We also celebrate Governor Ige’s adjusted timing. It’s a stall tactic. Governor Ige has been forced to lean on this tactic because he understands we are not stepping away from this struggle. It is a struggle that communities across Hawaiʻi have faced for far too long—our government agencies who are supposed to protect what our society values are instead skirting the law and acting on behalf of private corporate interests. ⠀ ⠀ Our movement of aloha ‘āina has ignited not just Hawaiians but people worldwide who want to protect Hawaiʻi from self-serving, big-business. ⠀ ⠀ We value Maunakea, our culture, and our unity. Protecting them is a struggle we are ready to sustain for as long as it takes.⠀ Mahalo nui to @erinsitt for creating this powerful video. Mauli ola. ⠀ #protectmaunakea #wearemaunakea Aloha j

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At present, Warner Bros. hasn’t responded to the star’s demands in regards to the DC Comics sequel film. We’ll let you know if they do.

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