We thought it was too good to be true but… well… IT’S TRUE!

Stranger than Fiction writer, Zach Helm, has officially signed on to write the Jumanji remake set up at Colombia Pictures. Therefore, it is time to get your nostalgia on! Cause I don’t know about you, but 8-year-old me spent a great deal of time pretending to dodge rhino stampedes in my front lawn.

Why rhinos, you ask? Well, for those of you kiddy-poos who have never seen the 1995 classic (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do) it’s about two children (Kirsten Dunst & Bradley Pierce) who realize that their board game has supernatural powers as it comes to life and releases a man (Robin Williams) trapped within for decades. Yet, by releasing this man, all contents of this game are released and it’s one hell of a jungle in there! You must watch for yourself to find out what happens! I promise it will be filled with all sorts of awesome. If you like awesome ass adventures…and stuff.

Now who can replace sir Robin Williams? Hmmm…..

Those are gonna be some tough shoes to fill.

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