Mars One has been trudging along for the last few years with an ambitious plan to kickstart the colonization of our neighboring planet Mars within the next decade… and also televise it as a reality TV program.

The organization has whittled the list down to 100 applicants of which the first 4 finalists will be chosen from. Mars One has released the following sizzle reel video to announce the Mars 100 and you can check it out right here:

I’ll be honest, I really want this to happen and I want it to be successful but I seriously SERIOUSLY doubt it will happen. First, they need to make the television reality show work and not get cancelled. The last time someone tried that was Fox with Utopia and while they didn’t even leave California, the show bombed and was quickly pulled off the air. Without financing from the show, Mars One will fail before it even leaves the planet.

The other problems are scientific filled with a bunch of “I don’t knows” and issues which many scientists are pointing out. An MIT study has concluded that the first Mars One colonist will suffocate in 68 days while the rest will starve or be incinerated thereafter.

My viewing habits consist of watching Game of Thrones so I’m used to seeing people die on television but there’s a difference between actors pretending and watching actual people slowly die far from home. And that feels exceedingly morbid.

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