After the whole snafu about the new voice actor for Snake (Kiefer Sutherland, in case you missed that), and some seriously confusing (but totally awesome) trailers: Konami and Kojima finally shed some light on what in the hell is going on in the Metal Gear, and I couldn’t be happier. Most of what was shown was in-game, gorgeous, and just enough detail was given to keep me truly riveted.


Full day/night cylce, dynamic weather, multiple methods of transversal, a more strategic focus, gorgeous environments and models, and it sounds silly, but Snake can jump! How exciting! It’s like Uncharted briefly adopted it and taught it a few things, before Metal Gear ran away from home to return to its former glory. Also: Ocelot and Emmerich! I might have danced a little when I saw this at the office.

PS: How does he use that prosthetic so effectively? You know what, never mind. The series has had more ridiculous things happen.

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