I really like the idea behind Google Glass but hate the look of the device and the HUD aspect of it gets in the way. Many people also find the device really invasive because you’re constantly pointing a camera in their face.

What Microsoft is doing with their HoloLens is far more incredible since it uses the actual physical world around you to place digital objects on. The idea being that instead of the always in front of your face HUD, you get a more natural environment.

Still, HoloLens won’t take off any better than Google Glass unless it comes as part of the next generation X-Box (play without a television screen!) or something like that. Even then, it’s probably confined to your home.

I’m still holding out for a concept that uses the HoloLens system with glasses that look like regular glasses. Microsoft’s demo of them is still incredible and you can really get an idea of how revolutionary these things will be– unless Apple somehow makes what I want.

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