So last night, I popped some Cold & Sinus shit since I’ve had headaches of epic proportions. I recently moved into a new home and while all hopped up, inspiration hit me! I had stumbled upon a box of mini boxed toys earlier that day and came across the Space Invaders 30th anniversary magnets a friend had gifted me. I combined them with a recent purchase of “Drink Labels” and voila! SPACE INVADERS FRIDGE! I seriously sat and did this at midnight last night…

Anyways, this inspired me to Google in search of other nerdy refridgerators. (Surely I couldn’t be the only one.) This Dr. Who Tardis is very well executed. Police box. Ice box. Same difference, right?

This R2-unit isn’t quite as complex as the original, but it will keep your beers cold.

And for the music nerds there is the Marshall amp fridge. (I wonder if the cold setting goes to 11?)

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