There you are at the Dallas Airport in Texas, waiting to go through security.  All of a sudden, a ranting angry man starts yelling insulting things to a man in a pink shirt, who by all accounts had been targeted by the bully.  The man in the pink shirt is seen taking photos/videos with his phone of this angry man, until the angry man kicks the pink shirted man in the balls after yelling all sorts of derogatory things.

The thing that pisses me off the most is seeing the various TSA officers standing around watching this.  Security isn’t called until AFTER the kick happens, and no less than 6 men rush forward to tackle the attacker to the ground.  You then see a uniformed officer wade through the pile of men, and handcuff the attacker.

Look closely at the man in the olive peacoat who rushes in to help stop this guy at about 1:20.  Does he look familiar?

It’s Paul Rudd.  No really, it’s Ant-Man coming to the rescue.  Good on these guys, don’t let bullies get away with this stuff anymore.


According to Time, citing Paul’s own reps, the man in the video is NOT Paul Rudd.  Darn it.

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