Over the weekend, Netflix released a brand new film that brought Pee Wee Herman back into the spotlight. Pee Wee’s Big holiday is a fun and well cast comeback for Herman as produced by Judd Apatow. Somehow the guy doesn’t seem to age, and it definitely keeps the same feel as previous Pee Wee films. The production and jokes most certainly stay true to his style and it appears to be set in the 50’s. It makes lots of fun references to his previous films even though this one does not acknowledge them ever happening. If you go into it expecting another “Big Adventure” you may be disappointed, but as a stand alone film it was really fun to watch. Joe Manganiello portrays himself in this modern (yet set in the past?) day bromance that leads Pee Wee across the country to see new things and make new friends. We even get to see Diane Salinger (Simone) as another inspirational character that helps him along the way. It is also scored by Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO, Rugrats). I really felt this was worth a second watch in just two days, even if just for the balloon scene. It is streaming now on Netflix. Check out the trailer here:

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