If you grew up in the 90’s then there are certain ubiquitous experiences that we share: mixtapes, the sound of a dialup modem and Saturday morning cartoons. You may also remember a brief year where Pepsi decided to release a clear soda called Crystal Pepsi.

Looked like Sprite, tasted like Pepsi.

Pepsi is bringing it back after contacting YouTuber (and Crystal Pepsi fan) Kevin Strahle aka LA Beast who drank a 20 year old bottle a couple years ago which he bought off of Ebay for $80. Here’s the tweet he posted confirming Pepsi’s as well as the video of him drinking 20 year old soda which in retrospect, was probably a bad idea (warning: it comes back up as easily as it went down).

This isn’t the first time a drink we remember from our childhood has returned from it’s soda-y grave, Surge made it’s comeback last year which prompted our very own Jenny Lorenzo to detail a list of drinks we’d like to see back on store shelves.

If you still remember the number one drink we’d like resurrected, Ecto Cooler, you can join the Facebook Group that hopes to make it a reality here.

Frankly, I have no recollection of whether I loved it or loathed Crystal Pepsi or if it was somewhere in between, but what I do remember is the commercial featuring Van Halen’s Right Now. To this day, every single time I hear that song I remember Crystal Pepsi more than the fact that it’s a Van Halen song.

No word on when they plan to release it but hopefully, they continue using that track for the commercials.

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