Whether you are male or female you have to agree that that time of the month sucks.

Not much is around to help improve this and there is only so much hugging a heat pack and punching chocolate into your face can do. – The granny panties top off the horror that is shark week, why can’t somebody account for this period of our lives and give us some rad….. SOMEBODY HAS!!!!

Hairbrained Inc have bought out a line of Period panties: These undies aren’t just awesome, they’re ”phunny”.

They are available from small to 3xxxL (US sizing). All you need to do to receive a pair (or more) is make a pledge here ⇩

$12- 1 Period Panty.
$18- I Tank Top.
$35- 2 Tank Tops.

If you wish to cramp in style or make your gf smile while Aunt Flow is visiting there are only 24 days to go people 🙂

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