You guys know how much we love telling you about awesome companies and worthy kickstarters, right?  BECAUSE WE DO!  That’s why we’re telling you about Pop Fizzion and their artisan nerdy bath bombs!

Any guesses as to the Marvel-ous hero this bathbomb is based on?
It’s Iron Man! Vanilla, Mandarin, Bourbon, Cardamom, Cedar, Rose, Campfire, White Ginger, and amber make up this one.

I was lucky enough to speak with Nikolai of Pop Fizzion, and he pretty much sold me on the company:

“The biggest thing is we love what we do. It’s created through the love of our fandoms and a desire to bring joy to others as well. It’s so much fun figuring out what Belle or Arya might smell like in terms of personality and translating it into a scent someone won’t be offended by bathing in.  If we didn’t thoroughly enjoy the process of testing out hundreds of scent combinations and color patterns, we wouldn’t be doing it!”

Check out their kickstarter pitch:

Here we have the Mother Gothel (English ivy, sunflower, pomegranate, cardamom, cedar, rose) and the Rapunzel (sunflower, orange sherbet, and raspberry)

The company is pretty on it when it comes to making sure their customer is happy with the quality of the product.  I’m not talking just terms of what the product looks and smells like, but what impact it’ll have your skin.  These are things that concern pretty much anyone with sensitive skin but Pop Fizzion knows what they’re doing.

“It is also extremely important to us to make the ingredients skin friendly for as many as possible so we try our best to avoid allergens as much as humanly possible. We avoid essential oils due to potential allergens and the fact they can be harsh on the skin for certain extracts and we don’t use common allergens in our oil bases either (like almond and coconut are very popular in bath bombs, and we’ve decided to use Apricot kernel oil which still has great vitamin E and skin care properties). we will be giving the option of both SLSA which is very gentle or the regular SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which is found most commonly in bathing products for those who don’t have such a worry.”

We’re pretty darn happy to report they’ve reached their initial goal of $1,300 (surpassing it) with 8 days left in their window.  Pop Fizzion posted some of their stretch goal concept art yesterday, and it includes SOME ALICE IN WONDERLAND STUFF GUYS.  And a little mocking birdie told me the next release MAY be Game Of Thrones themed.  *gasp*

So to recap, you can kind Pop Fizzion’s Kickstarter campaign here, their Facebook here and their instagram here. Happy tub time!

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