Harley Quinn fans, if you are like me you may have missed the first release of the HQ Q-Fig from Quantum Mechanix. The good news? We get another shot at it. The company is going back and taking another run at some of their most popular figures, and first up is Harleen Quinzel herself. The figure will be completely redone, utilizing the updated processes and style that they have learned over the years to make even more dynamic pieces for your collection. It will also be different enough that fans who already have the original can add this one and get a brand new piece.

Harley Quinn will come posed with two hyenas and her staple oversized mallet. She is styled after her iconic look from the much-loved Batman animated series. She is also holding a match, primed to light the dynamite behind her and blow us all to smithereens.

This is up for order right now here. Go ahead and check it out below!

The Q-Fig Remastered series re-imagines classic, long sold-out Q-Figs and updates them to reflect QMx’s current style and advanced design techniques. It’s your opportunity to collect a Q-Fig you may have missed, or add a remastered version to display alongside your original Q-Fig. The Q-Fig Remastered series allows us to revisit fan favorites while bringing new dimensions to the original design.

This Q-Fig Remastered diorama features the Joker’s #1 gal, Harley Quinn, as she appeared in Batman: The Animated Series. She’s out to cause more than a little mayhem with her oversized mallet and her pet hyenas cackling at her side. Harley stands with a match in hand, ready to ignite the dynamite placed around the display base. Harley calls this one “Animals Attack People I Hate”. It’s a comedy.

Harley Quinn Q-Fig Remastered diorama is part of our Q-Fig Max and as such uses EverStone™,  a proprietary high-temperature polymer developed by QMx. Everstone™ offers discerning collectors everything they require in a high-quality collectible: fantastic durability, solid weight, and precisely-crafted details that resist both fading and fracture. Everstone™ is everything traditional polystone statues are not – strong yet pliable with the ability to capture minute details in costumes, scenery and action.

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