Scrolling through my facebook notes I come across one titled ”R18+ Classification for Computer Games in Australia”. I am reminded that I am the only Aussie on the AC team… Does the rest of the world know about our gaming culture struggles?! DO YOU KNOW OF OUR PAIN!?….. Take a skip down Australias gaming history road? – Don’t mind if I do!

For those who don’t know: Australia has no rating for anything over m15+. This means anything over this rating is automatically banned from our country. We pushed for a rating and New South Wales DENIED us!!! TWICE!!! /shakes fists.


Australia is a commonwealth, responsibility for censorship is divided between the states/federal government. Under the Australian Constitution the Federal Parliament has the power to make laws relating to communications and customs. This includes computer games solely within Australia. – Australias government (Well New South Wales’s Attorneys General) basically decided that everyday citizens did not have the mentality to make their own decisions based on personal preferences, or even the right to do the things that are worthy of our years here as adults.

We missed out on the latest Mortal combat (No simply turning the blood to green for a g rating these days).
* Our Left for dead 2 was censored, to poop.
* Grand Theft Auto 3 was stricken from our lives but bought back when game play of soliciting sex from a prostitute was removed, but the player could still violently murder said prostitute… (Good job Aus!). They also censored others in the franchise for pretty much the same reason.
* Fallout 3 had drug content which was to realistic for our fatcats. With Morphine changed to Med-x it was back on our shelves apparently fooling us all with a very clever product name replacement. /rolls eyes.
* Reservoir Dogs ability to shoot hostages led to this game being banned. Never to be seen again.
* Postal/2’s violence, so much violence…. Also never to be seen again.
* 50c’s Bulletproofs gang violence was the cause of the amazing games removal (snore). A new version was made with an Auto Game Over for killing innocent bystanders and it was back in our lounge rooms fueling wiggers and generic console gamers alike.
* There have been countless other games banned from Australia, including most recently Saints Row 4 for ”alien drug use”. (Updated March 2014).


 We are generally left shaking our heads at empty shelving in game stores/crying over steam store sales we can’t partake in – [Childish rage]Let me sing you the song of our people, It is called ”kissmyass”… After this round…. SOMEBODY HAND ME MY LUTE![/Childish rage]


We can purchase cigarettes and alcohol, both proven to be harmful to our bodies. Porn, violent content music and view violent movies. Yet I cannot purchase a video game because a person/s deem it unfit for my viewing/playing….. Ridiculous. Australia has legalised sale of sex people!! Do you REALLY think giving us some games with adult content will turn us into some sexually driven hybrid maniac/socially inept member of society?!. It’s not really that much of a downgrade from a geek anyway /snickers.  

What sort of world do we live in when we cannot even be held accountable for our own actions? Or to even be able to make them? – Time to turn the world into one giant kindergarten because something somebody may see may be to much for their fragile mind, and we all need to suffer for it. – And they wonder why we have people running around wining about petty 1st world problems…… . Fragile minds are created under censorships big ass fatty arms, cradling them so they can sleep at night. Using violence and crime as an excuse is ridiculous when you look back at the past (Especially Australias past, really people…. We were CONVICTS. Aus was one big ass Prison). – I am pretty sure that this was going on beforehand. Hitler and Genghis Khan were hardly sitting together in front of their pimped up gaming rigs pvp’ing each other and raging out to take it out on the masses were they…… Jack the Ripper went postal on all those prostitutes because somebody called his Mum a whore in game for sure… /chortle.

Despite a line in the National Classification Code stating that “adults should be able to read, hear and see what they want”, the adult R18+ classification does not currently exist for video games. BUT… There was eventually hope (Just when I was about to lye on my floor and pretend I am a crumb for the rest of my life)…. Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor told us they were going to override NSW and implement the R18+ rating!! The rating was passed by the Senate in June 2012 – They have a definite date set for it’s introduction on 1 January 2013!!!! (UPDATED MARCH 2014: They refuse to give many games classification and we are STILL missing out).


Time to take off my rage pants and give a big thumbs up to Australia. I am (WAS) looking forward to buying ALLLLLLLLL the games/holding in pee for unhealthy amounts of time and eating leftover food off my clothing to sustain myself long enough to finish the next lvl.  Thanks for listening to my Aussie Gamer Girl woes – Ness.




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